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Project Perfmon

I recently came across this great poster from the good people at Quest. It provides a huge list of all the relevant Performance Monitor metrics that you should be looking at along with what they mean and what values you should be looking out for.


I duly printed this off on a nice A3 page, started perusing and then realised that i would really need to work up examples for each of the Counters if i was to truly understand them. Thus the Perfmon Project idea was born, i thought, what better way to learn them all than to work through them, top to bottom, left to right and blog my findings.

Please note, this is in no way an attempt to plagiarise the great work from quest or by the authors, it is an effort by me to understand each of these items and build a worked example that i can refer back to at a later date. In each case i will ensure that i fully reference any resources/blogs/pages that i have used to come up with my interpretation. Lets look at it as standing on their shoulders to enjoy the view 🙂

For your own copy, head over to Quest and if you have a spare moment be sure to check out Kevin Klines Blog and dont forget to follow him on twitter

My plan is to post a new item every three weeks or so, as i want to fully understand the material instead of just pumping out posts…, on with the project.

In case anyone is wondering, I have contacted Kevin about this project idea and he is more than happy for me to use the poster in posts, thanks Kevin.

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