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A Storm is brewing, no wait, its SQL in the cloud

SQL Data Services (SDS) has been available as a cloud service but until now we have been told it is NOT SQL Server in the cloud and is not to be seen as a RDBMS. There has since been a big change to that with the announcement that SDS will be enchanced with TDS, yay another TLA, TDS = Tabular Data Stream, or, a full RBBMS in the cloud.

The SQL Data Services Team blog lists, among other features:

Stored Procedures?…Check




Visual Studio Compatibility?…Check

ADO.Net Compatibility?…Check

ODBC Compatibility?…Check

so there we have it, apparently you can just point your connection string towards the gathering clouds and thats it. Time to run a demo on this i think, coming soon….

The full announcment is available here .

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