The Obligatory First Post

The best place to start is the beginning, so here it is, my blog. I think this fist post should layout the reasons for this blogs existence and what i hope to achieve with it, it will be interesting to look back at this post in the future, after a hopefully long list of posts and see how close to these original reasons i am.

The main purpose for this blog is essentially to provide some focus to my pottering about with SQL Server and to note down any interesting ideas and changes within this realm. Just over 2 years ago i started an IT Masters program at CSU, majoring in SQL Server Database Design and Management (2005). As i am now at my last subject (Planning and Designing Database Programming Solutions Using SQL Server 2005 – Exam 70-441) i thought i needed to instigate another project to give me some focus for my learning, hence the blog.

Sooo. The initial focus here will be anything with the 70-441 exam that i want to dig a bit deeper with and on passing that exam i hope to then start to play in the BI space and document my journey here.

As for the blog title, well coming from a transactional and business reporting background, i have found BI fascinating whenever i have touched on it and therefore hope to delve deeper into that on this blog, so i present ‘B.I. for the SQL Guy’

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One thought on “The Obligatory First Post

  1. Good Stuff! Creative blog title 🙂

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